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CSS tricks for website





Nowadays, it seems that websites have become saturated with the same design formula and layout. Almost everybody uses a 12-column grid, two and three column, boxed layouts and other similar shapes.


The programmers and designers feel like they have been making the same website over and over again. This leads to some serious want and requirement for a change for the current state of affairs. In order to make this change happen, we might need to look out for inspiration from fields and areas that go beyond the range of digital design.


Trying out new CSS properties seems to be a foregone requirement for this industry to be innovative and creative again. Flexbox and CSS grid offer easy ways to build interesting layouts. Below are listed some of the tricks that can help programmers and web designers to build beautiful and unique looking websites that can ensnare the attention and appreciation of the users:


1.      Absolute positioning


If any element within a webpage needs to be at a particular position at all times, absolute positioning is the key to make it happen. Using top, right, left, bottom with the pixel value guarantees an element’s position to remain the same.


2.      * selector


The * selector allows the user to select all elements of a particular selector. For example, upon *p and used CSS styles over it, then it would change all the things in


tags in according to that particular style.


3.      Overriding all styles


Though it may create problems in the future and, as a result, should be used sparingly, “!important” is an important tool to override existing CSS styles.


4.      Centering


Centering depends upon what the developer is trying to center and, hence, it can be quite tricky to be properly applied. For example, text needs to be centered using the “text-align: center” command, while in order to center a piece of content, the “div” tag is generally applied.






5.      Hover Effects


Hover effects are generally used for buttons, text links, block section of sites, icons etc. If a mouse hovers above such an element, the color of that element changes.




6.      Explore CSS Blend Modes


The most trending features in web designing include duotone imagery and colouriser effects. This helps in applying differing coloring effects directly in the browser. Using CSS blend modes is not only a useful and simple way to unify the look of the content across various websites; it also enables the programmer to apply different color to an image by changing only one value in CSS: color.


7.      Adding a mask


Masking allows programmers to decide which asset elements should be available,


 and is quite useful for creating interesting shapes and unique layouts. Masking can be done in threeways: using a raster image, CSS gradients or SVG elements.


8.      CSS Clippings


A shape’s boundary is called the clip-path, and clipping defines which area should be visible. Usage of shape functions and SVG as clip paths gives us a lot of opportunities to animate into morphing images.


9.      Collage-inspired designs


Collage-inspired designs have become quite a trend in many art and design related subcultures. Using collage inspired designs is an innovative and quite unique way to design and ornament a particular website if the developer’s preference is quite trendy and off-the-wall.


10.  CSS Templates


Templates are an easy to edit, ready-made web design layouts that can be downloaded and edited according to the needs and preferences. These templates can be easily edited by some CSSeditor like Dreamweaver and can be used for other websites quite easily.




If you have read all of the ten previous points, I applaud you for being so patient and dearly hope that you have found something useful to add to your collection of CSS skill-set. In the end, I would advice every programmer, irrespective of who has read through the entire document, to be patient and assiduous while making a project. The important part is to believe in yourself and your programming skills so that you can successfully ascend through your career trajectory.


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