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How to make your blog more visible?

Having a website for blog posts is essential for businesses in this era of digitization. Blogging will help you generate sales with keyword rankings and boosts your SEO rank. There is a huge demand for blog writers in Kolkata because of this emerging demand for content for business growth. This article will list some tips to increase your blog’s visibility for business benefits.

Methods to increase the visibility of your blog
There are generally two main ways to boost your blog’s visibility:
·     Organically 
 Developing your business without any paid promotions
·     Inorganically 
 Expanding your business through paid promotions

Top tips for improving your blog visibility
Smooth crawling webpages for Google 
Google constantly crawls web pages and updates its profile of existing pages. The more smoothly Google can go through your website, the more quickly you can get added to its index and search results. This means:

Insert keywords in the Meta description, Meta title, URL, and image tags of your pages related to your topic.
Internally link your web pages to make your website easier to crawl.
Run a technical SEO audit of your website to avoid any indexation holes.

Optimize your blog for SEO
Optimizing the SEO of your blog is essential for greater visibility. To improve your blog, blog writers in Kolkata follow some steps:
· Improve your keyword research 
· Add links to your blog posts
· Create categories
· Use tags
· Index tags in sitemap
Make your blog mobile-friendly. 
A mobile-friendly blog requires a fast uploading theme. Ensure that your CMS is set in mobile-friendly mode. Various content management system applications enable you to make your content easy to read from mobile devices.

Add images or videos. 
Remember most readers will not get to find your posts on your blog. Many will reach you through social media. So, the title of the posts and the media aspects within the post are all essential. Give priority to content-related shareable images that add value to your post. Embedding a video in your blog posts also has great SEO benefits. For SEO purposes, properly tag these images or videos.
·       Use Google Analytics 
Google Analytics is a free and one of the most used analytics tools. With a Google account, you can sign up for this service. Reports on Google Analytics will show you the most visited pages, the amount of time visitors spend reading your blog, and other vital information. You can also know about the keyword research by visitors to find your posts. You can configure the Google Analytics account to see searches performed by visitors on your website. It will enable you to determine the popular posts and guide you toward creating great content.
Creating blog posts is easy, but producing relevant content and gaining visibility is difficult and time-consuming. There are innumerable contents and information on keyword research available online about getting audiences to the website but practically doing it is difficult. So, it is suggested that you should hire one of the best blog writers in Kolkata if you need content for generating sales and increasing the visibility of your website.





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